If you're looking for easy Halloween costumes that won't break the bank or be time-consuming, there are plenty of fun DIY ideas to choose from. From food-themed looks to whimsical designs, you'll find plenty of options that will have everyone in the family (and at home) spooked out on October 31!

This spooky Halloween season, take your creativity to new heights with these 10 Fun DIY Halloween Costumes You'll Love. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn any plain outfit into something spectacular that's sure to get you plenty of compliments and even some laughs from your fellow partygoers.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Dress

This simple yet adorable costume from Kelly from Studio DIY combines two of our favorite things: ice cream and Halloween. She wore a white top with scalloped edges, a tan knee-length pencil skirt and tan peep toe heels. She also added a cherry on her head, so she's dressed up as an ice cream cone!

You'll need a few things to complete this look, including a white long-sleeved shirt, tan tights, black shoes and a hat. You can add a little detail to your hat by using ribbons or strips of fabric.

If you're a foodie, you'll want to add some extra flair to your costume by dressing up as a tasty burrito or an easy-to-make cake slice. You can make these treats from scratch, or use a store-bought dessert to serve as an appetizer.

DIY Pooh Bear Costume

Dress up as your favorite Disney character this Halloween with this fun DIY costume. It's a perfect outfit for children of all ages and will be a hit at any trick-or-treating event or holiday gathering.

To make this costume, simply glue colored Popsicle sticks to a white article of clothing. It's a simple and inexpensive way to dress up in the classic Winnie the Pooh colors, and you can even decorate the hat with pom-poms for extra pizazz.

It's so easy to put together this costume that it makes us want to go out and buy a wig right now! It's a great way to show your appreciation for all the things that make you happy.

If you've got an old sweater, a pair of ripped jeans and some red lipstick, you can easily pull off this punk rock outfit. You'll also need a few items that can be found at any local thrift shop, including a red bandana, a wooden spoon and some aluminum foil.

You can make this costume in minutes. Just splatter paint Jackson Pollock-style on a shirt and pants. You can even find a bongo drum and beach ball to complete the look.

Alternatively, you could try your hand at painting your face to look like a mummy. To do this, rip a white bed sheet into strips and wrap them around your body. You can also use a stuffed animal to create the mummy head.

This is a very creative and imaginative costume, but it may be a bit time-consuming to put together.

Kids are always eager to get in on the Halloween fun, but they need a little help sometimes! We're here to give them a hand and show them how to make their own spooky costumes that are perfect for trick-or-treaters.

If your kid is in need of a quick costume idea for Halloween, there are plenty of cute options out there that are easy to put together with items you probably already have around the house. From a pirate to a Disney princess, you'll find all the easiest DIY Halloween costumes to make for a great night of trick-or-treating with your little one or a group of friends.


The scarecrow is a classic fall character, and the easiest DIY Halloween costume you can throw together. To make this easy scarecrow costume, you'll need a couple of basic supplies: a pair of overalls and either corn husks or felt to replicate hay peeking out of your sleeves and hat. Drawn-on freckles and a distinctive nose will finish this look off, too!

Pumpkin Heads

This DIY Halloween craft is a surefire winner with kids, and it's easy enough to pull off for the youngest kids (and the oldest kids too!). White yarn dips in Elmer's glue to form a spider web, and it's easy to let them use pom poms, pipe cleaners and other materials to make a few of their own.

Gumball Machine

This is a really cute DIY costume that is also pretty easy to put together. It requires a yellow shirt that you can tape upside down V's on to, and a green crown that you can hot glue green foam sheets to. You'll also need a 25 cent sign and red pants for the gumball machine part of the outfit.


There's no better way to celebrate the season than with a fun and festive Halloween party, and this pinata is the perfect way to do it! The whole kit and caboodle can be made out of cardboard, paper plates, and tissue or construction paper. Add a few candy corn to the top and you're all set for a spook-tacular time!


If you love to bake, this is the Halloween costume for you. With a bit of Velcro and a few ingredients, you can dress up as a chef or a croquembouche!

The hat and shoes will be the hardest part, so this is a good costume to make ahead of time. Once you've got them, it will be a snap to slip them on for a Halloween party.


The king of the underworld may be a big deal, but you'll definitely want to strut your stuff in this easy DIY costume. The flame-haired king of Atlantis is one of the most iconic characters in all of Disney, and he's easy to DIY with the right ingredients.

Just repurpose that black bathrobe you have and add a blue wig, and you're ready to rumble! You'll need a few more items to complete the look, including a striped scarf and some round glasses. If you're a die-hard fan, you can also add a few pieces of fake blood to the mix.