If you're a parent who is feeling a little stressed about finding the perfect costume for your child this Halloween, don't worry (תחפושות ליל כל הקדושים). The best way to avoid panicking is to think of all the things that you already have in your closet and get creative!

You'll probably be able to turn an outfit you have in your closet into something incredibly unique and fun. Whether you want to go as a superhero or an old-fashioned monster, there's sure to be a look that suits your child's taste.

1. Blippi

If your kids are fans of the Disney animated movie "Baby Shark," they'll love this cute Blippi costume. It's a shirt-suspenders-pants look that can be worn by boys or girls (or both).

2. Powerline

This costume will keep your kids entertained for hours and isn't too hard to make. Simply assemble this simple Powerline set and your kids will be on their way to a costume party or trick-or-treating.

3. Mary Poppins

It's no secret that Mary Poppins has been a timeless classic and her movie continues to draw in new audiences every year. Getting your child to wear her famous white dress and black hat is a sure-fire way to bring in the crowds at a Halloween party or trick-or-treating.

4. Burrito

If your kid has a love for Mexican food, this costume is the best way to show their affection. It's a one-piece tunic with a tortilla-shaped mask, plus a faux foil burrito.

5. Zombie

Video games, movies and TV series have all been a hit with zombies this year. A ripped, bloody and scarred zombie costume is an easy way to let your kids represent their favorite horror characters.

6. Flo from Progressive

If you have a little girl who is a fan of the popular Progressive commercials, she'll love going as Flo for Halloween. This apron-inspired costume comes in several colors, and the costume can be worn with a tee or with a dress or skirt.

7. Baby Yoda

If your kids are big Star Wars fans, you'll be able to find a Yoda costume at your local party store or online. Unlike many other costumes, this one has a detachable mask and is comfortable enough to wear for trick-or-treating or watching movies with the family.

8. Ariel

If the 3-year-old twins of art advisor Elizabeth Dimond are a little young to be in The Little Mermaid yet, they still love the character -- and this wig is perfect for their age group! This wig is made from the same material as Ariel's in the Disney film, so it will look just like her, but won't break the bank.

9. Patrick Star

If you're looking for a Halloween costume that's not only fun, but will also help keep your kids safe while they trick-or-treat, you can't go wrong with this inflatable Patrick Star. It's great for preventing kids from running into other children while out on the town or just to keep them out of the way of cars.

The holidays are here, which means it’s time to start thinking about costumes! Whether you’re going out with the kids or hosting a family-friendly Halloween party, it’s always fun to try a little bit of creativity when it comes to dressing up.

Using materials you have on hand is one great way to get creative with your costume, especially when it comes to DIY projects. Here are some ideas that are easy to create and will make your outfit stand out in the crowd this year!

1. Ladybug

This adorable ladybug costume is perfect for kids. Suitable for children aged six and up, it can be made at home with a few supplies. You can use cardboard, paints, black duct tape, pipe cleaners and glue.

2. Baby Yoda

If your kid loves Star Wars, this is the perfect costume for him. You can buy a ready-made version of the costume, or you can DIY it at home by creating a Jedi headpiece, a light saber, and a gauntlet with plastic swords.

3. Crystal-Gazing Soothsayer

In many cultures, Halloween is a traditional time to play divination games. This is a great way to make your child feel a little extra special as she waits for the trick-or-treaters to come knocking on her door. Luckily, you don’t need to buy an expensive costume to do this — just a few t-shirts and a hat are all you need to make her a crystal-gazing soothsayer.

4. Toy Story Characters

If your child is a fan of the Disney Pixar movie series, this will be the perfect costume for them! With Toy Story 4 out this year, you can dress your little one up as Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep, or Buzz Lightyear.

5. Power Line

The Goofy Movie is a great movie, and this costume is an easy DIY. Suitable for children aged six and up, this is a simple yet cute idea that will make your child stand out in the crowd!

6. Vampire Costumes

If you’re looking for a scary yet spooky Halloween costume, this is the perfect option. This is a very popular costume that will definitely make you look spooky and scary, and it’s a lot of fun to wear!

7. Space Ranger Costume

If you are a big fan of the Disney Pixar film series, this is the costume for you. If you’re not a fan of the movie, this is still an option and will make you feel just like you are.

8. Powerline (Blade Runner)

If your kids are fans of the Blade Runner movies, this is an excellent idea for them to dress up as Powerline. This is an easy DIY that requires nothing more than a few supplies and some face paint.

9. Baby Max from Where the Wild Things Are

If you have a little girl who loves cuddly animals, this is an excellent costume for her to wear on Halloween. It’s easy to make at home with a few supplies, and your little girl will be the cutest thing on the block!

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